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Another great week for goals!

Several small goals were achieved this week.

First I had some issues registering for classes and became frustrated. I decided to put the frustration to good use and did some strength work after my cardio session. I ended up breaking a few PR's, I can now lift 105% of my body weight on the leg press, 240lbs and my Abduction and Adduction weights have also increased from 50 and 65lbs to 145 and 110. These PR's tell me that all of my cardio work is paying off.

I also lost another 2.2lbs and this makes me very happy. I was just trying my best to maintain and to not gain during my period. I have tracked my weight gain during this week and it usually increases about 7lbs. So to lose is a major accomplishment for me. I have been trying my best to watch my sodium intake and it looks like it paid off this week.

Yesterday I had already had a great cardio session and went to the dining hall to relieve some of my hunger, had a great meal but felt a heavy feeling. Instead of just driving home, I decided to take advantage of the pretty weather and walked a mile around the green. Looks like this was a great decision and I will try my best to take a walk after eating.


My first weight loss goal has been achieved! My first goal was 228lbs and as of this morning I weigh 227.7!!!!!

A Journey to a new me in 2014

 2013 ended on a high note. I achieved several goals last year, gaining acceptance to a local university, taking a full course load of 15 hours achieving a 4.0 and making the President's list for a first year student. Things were looking up but 2014 would bring new challenges and goals.


January 2014, I started my second sememester of school and part of my undergrad requirements is to take a Health and Personal Fitness (HPS) class. I didn't realize that I would become an active participant in changing my lifebut  thanks to a simple piece of extra credit, and then required course work, the beautiful gym I avoided my first semester would now become my home away from home.


I had to workout a required 6 hours at the school gym and could earn extra credit for an additional 8 hours, plus points for having a microfit completed. On January 13, 2014, I weighed 248 pounds and this made me very sad because a year ago I had dropped down to 229lbs after having my patella replaced. Thanks to stress and life in general I gained all of the weight back and became even more unhappier with myself. Going back to school was part of my life change and now I needed to add a healthier me to the equation of succeeding. 


Walking around campus that first semester was challenging because of my knee and other minor health issues but I did not give up. I would curse the small inclines, the steps and distance between classes but I did not give up. Even though I had scheduled 18 credit hours, I was going to make it a habit of getting to the gym. I scheduled my microfit and I was not completely unhappy with my results, yes I know I am morbidly obese and my BMI is not with in range but my ability for cardio output and flexibility was well with in standards for my age. 


My university also provides 20 personal training sessions and I quickly signed up before all of the slots were filled. I had great intentions of parlaying these sessions with working out on my own but Mother Nature was not cooperating and if school is closed for weather events, it is a little difficult to work out. On February 17, 2014 I was able to officially start creating my habit of going to the gym. I made it a part of my school day and weekends. In order to make this a habit I had to hit the gym everyday. Yes I know we are to rest but for me giving up is to easy. I knew there would be life events or studying for exams that would eventually get in the way. So getting the hard part out of the way was necessary, making the gym a craving and not dreding it would be my goal. 


February 14, 2014, I weighed 246lbs, a great starting point. Tracking my nutrition on Myfitnesspal became a daily event as well. I started carrying a bag of fresh fruits and veggies everywhere I went and became known as the squash/zucchini queen in my American Government class which takes place at 3:30, a prime snacking time for me. I bought a new water bottle that holds 33oz and never left home without it. My university also makes it easy to drink water with hydration stations, that enable you to quickly refill a water bottle. This was a key goal for me as well, because I know I did not drink nearly enough water, often dehyrdated and not drinking a drop until about 3 or 4 in the afternoon. That has changed, now I am drinking on average 14, 8oz cups of water a day and have cut out everything but coffee. I went from drinking fat and sugar ladened coffee drinks to almost having the ability to drink it black. I still require non-fat milk to help cut the bitterness but I'm getting there. My mother helped me learn how to drink unsweet tea as a kid and if I could give up sweet tea, I can give up sugar in my coffee.


I was quite surprised that the weight was starting to come off, I can be a little obessive with the scale but its important for me to know the ins and outs of water gain, especially during my period. I have seen an average gain of 7lbs during that time and I need to figure out a way to meet that gain head on and to minimize it when I can. 


As of this morning, I am down to 229.9lbs, almost to my first goal of 228lbs and it has only been 34 days, or 5 weeks, or an average of 3.5lbs a week. 


Part of my success has been making sure I know nutritional count before I eat anything, this can sometimes be difficult at school because it is often missing. But I have learned to take advantage of the fresh veggies, fruits and proteins and to stay away from the pitfalls of pizza, carbs and etc. I get some crazy looks for taking pictures of the nutritional content they do post, so I can then verify it on MFP or log it. Its vital to change my eating habits and I know that to be the second key to my success besides working out. I have swings of eating too much to not eating at all and that needs to be changed but it is one step at a time and trying to avoid the pitfalls at home. I think my family will never get it through their heads that I do not eat the processed crap they crave and my pleas to not leave it on the stove for when I come home thinking I will want to eat it. It is a constant battle to walk past it andgo straight to bed without the temptation. 


Here is to a new week and more goals being smashed!


Laughter (n.) - when a smile has an orgasm.


I received the following wise advice from a dear friend from here on EP.
Thank you.

"In school the lessons come first and then we get the test. In life the test comes first and then we get the lesson."

What is the lesson you are learning tonight? All life lessons give us exactly what we are looking for so look for the good in this bad situation. There is something positive that will happen or may have already happened from tonights events. You just have to find it and it will take some searching. Finding the negative is easy, that is why most people go that direction. It requires very little effort. Stretch your mind and HUNT THE GOOD STUFF.


Living Life lessons

To live, To be happy,To be content.
No longer letting the depression pull me under.
Getting up when I have fallen down.
No longer letting others pull me into the mire.
Creating space, a safe place.
Not withdrawing but knowing when to walk away.
Peace and understanding.
Finding balance.
Don't be afraid to ask the hard questions.
Soul Searching.
Focusing on my goals.
Controling my attitude.
Controling my actions and reactions.
Overcoming the anger and frustration.
Balancing the power and taking back control.


Teenage sons

Where do I even start?

My son is 17 and is moody and arguementative at most, he does not see his Dad as a father figure and see's me as a doormat. Someone he can talk back too, someone he can mistreat and disrespect without anyone calling him on the carpet for it.

Last night, he was quite miffed that I could not buy him a new electric razor for $22. Nope sorry cannot do that right this minute, it will have to wait a few weeks. I just shelled out $22 for the USA Junior Olympic Shooting Match, need to find another $30 to pay for his annual USA Shooting dues, buy groceries, gas and figure out how to buy him shoes before he goes to Washington DC on the 15th. There are bills to pay and not enough money to go around right now.

His Dad told him he would have to talk to Clark Howard, a local financial guru who only uses ONE two blade razor a year. My son got ticked off a this because everyone's skin is different and he can't make a razor last that long. I wasn't asking him to make due with one razor but to just use the 4 blade razors I buy his dad because buying speciality razors is not in the budget.

He got pissed off and threw a square pretzel at me and hit me in the face. This is a huge no no for me, hit me anywhere else on the body, I might get mad but hit me in the face and that makes me angry. I was always taught never to hit anyone in the face because its a true sign of disrespect. The bad thing, his dad did nothing. I was so angry I threw my empty paper plate at him and went to my room to cool down.

This evening he comes to me and demands $40 to apply to a very expensive out state school. Nope can't do it, have to by groceries and gas with the little bit I have left over. It is just gonna have to wait.

I am just so tired of being his doormat and no one takes up for me. His Dad does nothing, most men would have put him through the wall or put him flat on his ass for treating me the way he did and has in the past.

I just want to run away and there are times I wish I had life insurance and could just end it all, to make him happy because then he would have freaking money to do what ever he wanted.


Okay I officially made it through a day without going to a local Starbucks for a peppermint mocha. I was close, had the opportunity and the motive(not feeling well) to drive right through that drive thru and order.

I was so tempted too because I received a reward yesterday and an email telling me if I purchased a drink every day for the next several days my "stars" would be doubled or something like that but I ignored.

Sigh...this is going to be difficult.

A Healthy me in 2014

As I start the new year, I have decided to focus on my physical and mental health; my weight and eating habits. Over the last year I have toyed with the Paelo diet and trying to eat healthier.
  • Starbucks - elimnate purchasing high calorie expressos, even if I have a reward. Limit myself to tea or traditional coffee, preferably made at home.
  • Diet - incorporate the Paleo diet more into my daily life. My son likes to eat healthy and gets frustrated when we continue to have processed foods and other items he finds interloable. Trying to eat more veggies, fruit, fish and red meat.
  • Physical Activity - I pay for a decent student gym at school and really need to take advantage of using it. Trying to find time to fit it into my schedule will be challenging but not difficult. Getting back on my bike is key.
    • Goal - purchase a bike, join a beginner's mountain biking club, ride the local trails.
    • Physical activity - instead of sitting at Starbucks because I am bored, I need to get out walk, ride my bike, swim. Build up strength and endurance
  • Mental Health - Making sure that I replace the negative in my life with the positve.
    • Journaling will help this tremendously, keeping track at the end of the day about the good things that surround me. They are there, I just need to keep my eyes open for them.

Early Mornings

I am not a morning person but one of my 2014 goals is enjoy the beauty of the morning each and every day. I have led a pretty easy life lately that has not required me to stay awake most mornings after getting my girls off to school but that will change next week. College schedules, work schedules, and dropping my girls off at school will force me to become a morning person.
What will I get out of this new change? Most importantly time to spend with my girls before they start the school day. Yes it is quite early and I do not like to wait in the carpool line, but it gives us a chance to share music we all enjoy and to hear their sweet voices as they sing along. This will help me make it through the day, making mornings more tolerable. With the time change, sunlight is starting to peek over the horizon making for some beautiful starts to my mornings. Taking a moment to apperciate those rays of light will give me warmth and a renewal to begin my day.


I sit here trying to think what do I want to accomplish in 2014? Yes, I have the usual things on my to do list like losing weight, becoming more active and eating better. But beyond that there is so much more, those are things that I should strive for all the time. This isn't going to be a New Year's resolution type of list. This is the list I refer back to, the list that I occasionaly update or rewrite.

I have a great quote I found that says "If a plan doesn't work, change the plan but never the goal." I think this is going to be my mantra for the next 12 months, making sure to revist my goals often and adding to them or marking them off as I achieve them.

A friend posted something on facebook today about using a jar as a device to save all of the amazing things that happen to you in a year. Like surprise gifts, accomplished goals, recording the beauty of nature, 'LOL" moments, memories worth saving, daily blessings, etc. Put them all on a small slip of paper, put them in a jar and reread them on December 31st. For me I think I would reread them more often than once in a year.

I often forget to "hunt the good stuff" as a good friend reminds quite often and this will be the year to keep hunting the good stuff!

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